Grade: (N)

  1. An accepted level or standard.
  2. A set of persons or things all falling in the same specified limits; a class

Grades. Yay. Just what someone in middle school wants, another way people are judging them by classifying according to previous standards. We just arent judged enough by our peers on the clothes we wear, the people we hang out with, etc. Now we have the entire system averaging us in a generic way and comparing us with past and present students to live up to particular standards. Did you know Einstein failed math? Yep, the same guy that proved nothing can go faster than light and revolutionized the accepted idea of gravity that had been generally accepted for the past century or more\, failed math.  Apparently this “system” is not always completely accurate when it comes to classifying students’ abilities. Not that there is really one system accepted with all the teacher/graders in the galaxy. In my view there are 4 types of graders. Organizational graders, test aptitude graders, stereotype graders, and ability graders. Lets examine.

Organizational Grader-  This type of teacher grades students based on the ability to be organized. This type of grader will almost garaunteed never actually read anything you write. They will only judge your work on the neatness and possibly spelling and grammar.  They also use a lot of binder checks for quiz and test grades. To do well in this teachers class, put the most effort into the presentation of the work and not into the actual work. Im not saying do awful work, simply to put a great deal of the work into preparation and organization. Especially with your binder.

Test Aptitude Grader- This type of teacher grades students on there ability to identify and memorize facts. They will expect you to know many obscure dates, names, and places but very little about the actual idea behind the event that took place. They will have a lot of multiple choice tests and quizes with many specific little details. To do well in this teachers class memorize, memorize, memorize. Dont pay as much attention as normal to the whole idea behind a concept but know the exact wording of every little detail around the concept.

Stereotype Grader- The stereotype grader is, in my opinion, the most awful type of grader. The stereotype grader will look at you and decide who you are based on the way you look and act in their class.  Then they give the good, smart, preppy kids A’s the trouble maker kids F’s and others in between. They begin forming their preconceptions the minute you walk in the door. To stay on top, always be on time/early to their class, dress nicely, particpate, smile, and in general suck-up. This isnt to say that you wont have to do work or study, merely that this will help a lot. After you make a good first impression, you wont need to stay like this forever. It is very hard to change the initial perception of a stereotyper. If your bad you cant become good. If your good its hard to become bad.

Ability Graders- The ability grader is clearly the most wonderful type of grader. They will actually grade you based on your grasp of the subject, participation, and effort, as opposed to appearance and memorizational skills. You will have to strech yourself and do a bit of everything in this person’s class. Everything plays an important part. To do well in this class… well. Theres nothing else to say because you must try hard, participate, the whole she-bang.

Most graders are a combination of the sorts, you will proably never find a teacher that is completly one type, though you will come close. *cough*MissHenry*cough* So all this big lead up tooo.. what? My grades? Fine. Here they are. And by the way Miss Darmon is a liar. She said I had an 87!!


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