You know what I am really sick of? People that keep dumping on me (or anyone for that matter) about how much they hate their teachers or how awful their classes are or how evil their parents are (etc). I can take a little bit of sympathy digging when they have a really good reason but i am truly sick of people coming to me day after day saying how f***ed up their teacher is and how much everyone hates them. Your friends are not your personal crap dumps, just so you know. I hate just standing there trying to let them blow off steam while looking for a way to escape to go talk to someone in a Normal way. And what are you supposed to do anyway? Ive tried comforting some by saying its not that bad look at what I/another person has but they come back with at least you/this have this! or some other nasty remark. Newsflash! This is not a friggin competition of whose life is worse! Get over yourselves! And another thing about getting over yourselves- teachers are not always out to get you! Chances are they really dont care what you think about them, theyre there just to give you an education. If they stop you or stand you up in front of the class they are trying to teach you something not embarrass you. Do you honestly think that a teacher go to great lenghts just to personally embarrass you? Yeah right. If you think a test was hard or a project was stupid or they are really slow at covering topics thats one thing. Complain a little. Digress about it with your friends. Hey chances are they think that was a hard test too. But only go so far to say the test was hard. A hard test doesnt mean the teacher is screwed up and is personally out to get you and cant teach. It means that they give hard tests! Another thing. Most teachers dont hate people because they are smart. They dont like people that dont try. Otherwise there would be no hope for some of the kids just because they arent quite as fast no matter how hard they try. But the key phrase there is how hard they try. If you dont try your best then yeah they do have a right to make sure you learn something! They always have that right its the whole point! Try hard and have a good outlook. Thats all. And even if it doesnt look good you dont have to go all sullen and angst-y. You can still be a happy smiley person! I am almost always happy/good outlook-y. Does that mean my life is constantly perfect? No. That means I try to work with it and look on the bright side.

Sorry to all those people who never have done this yet still read it. I just really needed to get that out of my system.


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