The Stupid Code

you know what else I hate? The da vinci code band wagon. It was a good book. Interesting plot. Thats IT.

There is no world changing secret in that book that makes me want to re-examine my entire life. Any christian who knew any of the shit about their religion knows that nothing in the religion is concrete. thats the whole thing about FAITH. If you believe what the bible tells you- then good for you. If you dont and you question things- then good for you. If you changed your mind because of this book you are a suck-ass wimp who deserves to be shot on the grounds of lack of an opinion and backbone. One book should not change someones outlook on the world.

Nothing in history is concrete. Thats why its called history. Its a story. Its based on the truth, but nothing is completely accurate. History is written by the winners. We see things the way we see things because thats what we have been told happened. Either directly from a person, who could be wrong or from a book, which was written by a person that could be wrong. If you cant understand this basic concept then you dont deserve to be able to read the book in the first place.

The da Vinci code was a good story. A good fictional story. There is no such person as Robert Langdon. There is no such person as Bezu Fache. Yes of course there is some truth. It took place in real places like the louvre. It included the names of real paintings like Madonna of the Rocks. So what? Millions of fictional stories contain actual places, but nobody thinks twice about them.

Ex: Is Harry Potter real? How about England?

Nobody gets that confused. But because this story presents a different angle of history all of a sudden the line between fact and fiction is marred.

Its not like these theories have never been presented before either. If these people actually looked a bit further than the books that are shoved down their throats Daily they would have realized that the bible, like all history books, is merely a collection of stories brought together through oral tradition to explain things that nobody can verify for sure.

Beyond the fact that Christians everywhere feel “threatened” The other part of this da Vinci code bandwaggon that irratates me is that ever since the movie came out their are approximately 4.2 billion different history/discovery channel specials on this “phenomenon”. And they all say the same friggin thing. Every single one of them explores the different “contraversial” points in that story in depth for a little while. Calls in some experts who quietly debate amongst themselves for awhile before delving into the story of Pierre Plantard. Look him up.

and for all those who care: da Vinci signed his name da Vinci is his letters. not DaVinci or Da Vinci as popularized by the Da Vinci Code.


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