Bubbles, Arguments, and Oddities

Lots of OGT (Ohio version of MCAS) stuff this week. Fun fun fun! Don’t know about you but I loooove the hour and a half of wasted time at the end when you realize your done and you have to stare at the wall for awhile. And the bubbles you have to fill in! Love it. And especially how at the beggining of all of them they “teach” you how to fill in bubbles. No Xs or dots people! We need fully filled in circles. And be careful of eraser marks if you changed your answer. And dont forget your trusty #2 pencil. Down with #1!
Because we *totally* haven’t heard any of that stuff before.

You know what else is fun? The spaces in the test booklet that say “DO NOT WRITE HERE” or something to that effect. I wonder what would happen if I wrote there. Would it do something boring like not score my test? Or would it like.. blow up the entire test grading machine, cause the apocolypse, or put a red shirt in all my loads of white laundry.

Have you ever thought about writing a note to the test grader on one of open response questions? I mean, how boring would that job be. Grading the same stupid answer from the same stupid kids alll day. If I were an open-response test grader I would welcome a cheery little note from one of the students. Nothing too huge- just a little Have a nice day!  or Hey! How is your day going? I hope grading tests isn’t getting you down. My European History teacher is an AP exam grader and she told us about how this one kid’s essay made her day. He wrote that it was his birthday, he really didnt feel like writing the exam, and had no clue what he was doing anyway, but to keep up the good work of grading essays.

The coolest thing ever is that this year during the test, the proctor hands out mints halfway through. How neat is that? I believe the theory is that mints improve brain function, and the little bit of sugar can help burst your energy and relieve the monotony of test-taking. By the time they get around to passing out the mints, I’m long done, so it’s more like a refreshing surprise in the middle of my book. I’m reading Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, in case anyone wants to know considering I posted about my lack of books a few days ago.

We’re starting debates in english. It’s really interesting topic and I’m really excited for the sophmore debates. Every year each class divides up into teams of 4 and debates amongst themselves. Then the top four debators in each class form an “all-star” team and represent the class in a competition between all the English classes. The topic for this year is all-round school or not. Have any strong thoughts on the situation? Talk to me.

On Saturday was the Odd couples dance (father/daughter son/mother) It was really fun. The decorations were amazing! Some of the time I just found myself wondering where exactly in the school was I, as it looked so much different. The great things about this dance as opposed to other ones are:

1. There is much less drama. It annoys me to no end when someone ruins a perfectly good evening by making everyone around them involved with a struggle over a guy etc.

2. It less… how do I say this… slutty? This dance attracts a different type of crowd- one much less likely to wear little clothing (read: no boobs or butts falling out all over the place) and dance dirty (read: not having have sex with clothes on)

3. The music is not terrible. I’m not a huge fan of rap, I can understand why some is played at dances, but am still not a big fan. Odd couples plays oldies and what not. Good stuff that parents and kids have in common.


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