I Hate Computer Classes

I am so bored in Computer Animation it isn’t even funny. In the official class, we are now beginning to learn what I picked up on instinct within the first week. It’s not even of use in the real world either. The only reason you would learn to animate is if you plan on being an animator, and if you are planning on being an animator you aren’t going to use a piece of crap program like Alice anyway. It is possibly the worst program I have ever had the misfortune to use, which includes all my trials and terrors with various old microsoft programs. You’d think that if they were going to devote an entire course to animation they would at least let us use a program that isn’t the biggest steaming pile of shit I have ever been forced to work with. Everyday some accidental miss-click bugs out the program forever, most of the event handlers don’t work (and when they do it takes forever), saving takes approximately 5.43 hours, and there is ZERO customization opportunities. You can’t even properly design your own skins for characters, let alone designing a character yourself. Isn’t character conception supposed to be a major part of animation?


How can I possibly make myself work through the trivialities of designing things that should be obvious to anyone with *any* working matter in their brain that hasn’t lived under a rock without a computer for their entire life. I shouldn’t be forced to answer a series of question about what links are! So I won’t. I wonder what would happen if I suddenly just stopped handing things in. I suppose my grade might plummet… but as it is currently at 101%, I’m not too worried about it. Why am I stuck in this entry level class?! I thought I was avoiding all of this brain-dead work by taking something other than Computer Literacy (Death on a stick that teaches you how to use various core Microsoft programs), but apparently not. Why is computer animation even a class anyway? When I looked on the ‘press release’ type thing about Alice it said that one of the key features of the program was that girls would find Computer Science more interesting as they could use it to tell stories… What a piece of crap! Any girl that is genuinely interested in Computer Science would probably be turned off by this class, instead of encouraged to pursue further courses. I hate when people gear products to girls. It’s insulting to think that girls must be *so* different in their likes and interests that they have to have a product line customized to fit them. Who exactly are they hoping to recruit anyway? Girls who had previously been under the impression that computers and technology are only for guys? Anyone who ever believed that will not be convinced to stick it out until the upper level programs just because ‘they can tell stories with their animation’. People should just get over any of their misconceptions about the sciences and female attitudes. Girls that want to join computer classes will. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the attempt to change the unfortunately common perceptions many people have, I just think they are going about entirely wrong.


I just can’t deal with this program or this class any longer. Currently, I am supposed to be working on an animation to music for the class wide contest. I probably could win with my eyes closed and using only my nose to type if I felt like it, but the thing is- I don’t. Why should I exert the effort to work on something that doesn’t interest me in the slightest? I know I could program this entire class out their noses, so what else do I have to prove? They really aren’t worth my time. It’s like my math class last year. A group of idiots that could barely add correctly aren’t worth my time a trouble to soundly beat. They aren’t competition!


I suppose if I was still getting better and learning new things, I might actually give a crap, but I’ve been through the entire textbook and not one new thing is popping out at me. This is how I function. I do things that interest me; I don’t do things that don’t interest me. I get bored with the normal stuff easily, so I challenge myself. I can’t deal with monotony so I invent new things and look at things in different ways. But I’m not sure there is anything left in this class to reinvent, which is why I am wasting my time writing this instead of working.


I have until Monday morning to find inspiration, dig deep within myself, and make an animation that won’t tear my grade in half…


But I’m not sure I can do it.


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