Things I learned Today

  1. I’m an idiot. (oh wait, I already knew that one)
  2. I can in fact carry a tuba. ish. for a brief period of time
  3. Speaking of tubas, they hurt less than a bass drum but more than a saxophone when you accidentally march into one
  4. Apparently I need to start learning how to buzz on a mellophone mouthpiece now or else I will die next year
  5. Spell check doesn’t think mellophone is a word
  6. When it isn’t Monday in any of your classes, that includes AP american
  7. If you perfect the amazing combination of puppy dog eyes and a menacing glare, people will do whatever you want…mwahah
  8. When I make lists of stuff I learn in school, nothing on the list will have to do with stuff I’m actually supposed to learn

Happy (bad-joke) tuesday!


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