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Why are parents so irritating?

Why do computers hate me so much?

Why do I have to pretend to be interested in small talk that has no relevance to me?

Why does my family not respect my property and then expect me to respect theirs?

Why do we debate religion in English class?

Why am I so unthoughtful and non-empathetic?

Why do I always feel sick over holidays?

Why is my physics teacher making me make up a lab when I understand the concept better than the people who were there to do the lab do?

Why is college the only topic that my relatives talk about?

Why am I so cynical?

Why am I able to waste my life away watching pointless TV shows?

Why does my computer cord melt at the most inconvenient times ever?

Why don’t I have any good books?
I think I can answer the last one. It’s because I’m not at the library yet. Off to the land of books!


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I’m getting new yarn today! I’m excited. To fuzzy wonderfulness! I’m thinking green. Considering its my favorite color and I have yet to make anything that color. And my winter jacket is green. So I’m thinking a green fuzzy scarf? But who knows, I might come back with something totally different.

I officially love the game Taboo. Actually, more than that, I love my friends. We are way too amazing for words. And by the way: its just a flesh wound.

Math contest this morning, I kinda sucked. Oh well. Its not like there is any penalty for trying. I think I might to learn how to do math without a calculator if I’m going to be any good at these, but I know I’m not going to bother. In the real world I’m never going to be forced to add up long series of numbers or multiply without a calculator, so why should I bother practicing for one random math contest? I probably should look at probability too, because I have no idea whats going down with that even with a calculator.

Because I don’t have a life (/I do, I just ignore it in favor of wasting time coloring) Plus I learned how to color in paintshop. And how to shade. ish. Kinda?

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I have now completely killed my eyesight with the awesome combination of computer addiction and accelerated studentness, involving long hours of staring at screens, reading, and very little sleep. So now I have to wear my glasses a lot more, otherwise I get headaches because everything is all fuzzy. But when I’m not actually trying to see anything Im perfectly fine! *cough* Someone asked me today if I normally wore contacts and I answered “No, normally I just walk into stuff.” but then I realized that could easily be taken as the general sarcastic me. Whatever. I walk into stuff just as much with glasses than without. Avoiding pillars is for losers.

Why am I no longer ‘good’ at math? All my life I always have just always understood stuff without fail, so long as I put in the required 20 seconds of skimming. I suppose it can only be expected that I have to try much more with the harder material, but the thing is the topics don’t seem proportionally any more difficult. I just feel like there is some sort of mental block between me and whatever it is that I’m supposed to be thinking about. At least its balanced out by physics. I feel like such a genius in that class, which is amazing since I haven’t properly had the whole ‘Yesss Im the smart kid’ feeling in any academic class since I left NAHS. One kid actually thought I was an aid instead of a student until last week because I always know what the answers are but I hardly ever pay attention. (and I’m always doing work for other classes or playing calculator games… shhh) One of of my favorite parts of that class is just the style of the work. Very rarely do we have to memorize formulas, its mostly about the applications and just problem solving in general. I like problem solving. I do not like memorizing. Yay this class.

Rewatching Princess Tutu right now- tres amusante. Its interesting to look at all the stuff in the beginning that I missed the first time.

Don’t you like how I’m actually updating now? (all of two days in a row!) (I’m also assuming someone is actually reading this… right…) It’s because band is over. *tear* Except I don’t really feel like it is. It feels like we’re just taking an extended break. I was talking with two fellow band geeks today about the busing situation to and from pretty much everything, and we only noticed that we should have been talking about it in past tense 10 minutes later. If I’m in this kind of denial now, I can’t imagine what next year is going to be like. I don’t want to be a senior. All my life I’ve wanted to just hurry up and get on with life and go to college, but now that thats starting to actually become reality all I want to do is slow time down. I actually like my life right now. I don’t want it to change. I don’t want to decide stuff. I don’t want to grow up!

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Why do I always make such fantastic, detailed, organized to-do lists, but then never actually accomplish the stuff on my list? (She asks as she pointlessly updates her blog, despite massive amounts of homework) Then when I subconsciously realize this, I start writing down things that Ive already completed solely for the satisfaction of crossing it off the list. That way I can look at all the neatly crossed off items and feel like I’ve accomplished so much. Except not.

In other (incredibly sad) news, I am officially one roll of Smarties away from being completely out of Halloween candy. However will I keep up with my sugar addiction now? Maybe I’ll savor that one package… or not. *glomp* When I was little I always called those candies rockets. Is that a Canadian thing? I suppose it must be because I don’t know anyone else who does. Smarties to me were always what are now known as SweeTarts (I definitely had to look up the spelling) or else the delicious M&M type things that I know are definitely Canadian. Did you know that SweeTarts are made from the same recipe as Pixie sticks? Thank you wikipedia…

Blahh.. Anyone want to explain inverse function graphs of sin, cos, and tan? I severely suck at them. Maybe I should go do the homework…. meh- maybe later.

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