Why do I always make such fantastic, detailed, organized to-do lists, but then never actually accomplish the stuff on my list? (She asks as she pointlessly updates her blog, despite massive amounts of homework) Then when I subconsciously realize this, I start writing down things that Ive already completed solely for the satisfaction of crossing it off the list. That way I can look at all the neatly crossed off items and feel like I’ve accomplished so much. Except not.

In other (incredibly sad) news, I am officially one roll of Smarties away from being completely out of Halloween candy. However will I keep up with my sugar addiction now? Maybe I’ll savor that one package… or not. *glomp* When I was little I always called those candies rockets. Is that a Canadian thing? I suppose it must be because I don’t know anyone else who does. Smarties to me were always what are now known as SweeTarts (I definitely had to look up the spelling) or else the delicious M&M type things that I know are definitely Canadian. Did you know that SweeTarts are made from the same recipe as Pixie sticks? Thank you wikipedia…

Blahh.. Anyone want to explain inverse function graphs of sin, cos, and tan? I severely suck at them. Maybe I should go do the homework…. meh- maybe later.


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    terka said,


    hahah i do the same exact thing with the lists. they dont motivate me, but they do make me wicked guilty when not everything is crossed off at the end of the day. but i just swallow the guilt and waste time anyway. oh well.

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