I’m getting new yarn today! I’m excited. To fuzzy wonderfulness! I’m thinking green. Considering its my favorite color and I have yet to make anything that color. And my winter jacket is green. So I’m thinking a green fuzzy scarf? But who knows, I might come back with something totally different.

I officially love the game Taboo. Actually, more than that, I love my friends. We are way too amazing for words. And by the way: its just a flesh wound.

Math contest this morning, I kinda sucked. Oh well. Its not like there is any penalty for trying. I think I might to learn how to do math without a calculator if I’m going to be any good at these, but I know I’m not going to bother. In the real world I’m never going to be forced to add up long series of numbers or multiply without a calculator, so why should I bother practicing for one random math contest? I probably should look at probability too, because I have no idea whats going down with that even with a calculator.

Because I don’t have a life (/I do, I just ignore it in favor of wasting time coloring) Plus I learned how to color in paintshop. And how to shade. ish. Kinda?


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