And it all comes flooding in

So my basement flooded. Which is all just fine and spiffy on its own, but there was a computer down there. The only computer, in fact, that I have access to outside of school. So as a result, I have even less time (as if it were possible?) to be on the computer. In essence, my dear reader(s? =P ), be glad that I am taking my precious time in computer programming to write this where I would normally be wasting time doodling in photoshop (!) or, god forbid, actually doing my assigned work.

We went outside to “transcend” by the “pond” today in “english”. (The quotes around english are totally unnecessary, I just thought they would be fun.) I believe the point of the exercise was for us to learn to appreciate the beauty of nature and to learn how Thoreau felt while living on Walden Pond… or was it Emerson? Oh well, I’ll fail that test. To bad I didn’t actually learn the guys name before pretending to emulate him. Maybe if I had, I wouldn’t have treated the whole activity so cynically. While the rest of my class wrote about how pretty the pond was I wrote:

So here we are standing (now sitting) in “nature” transcending. Or, as I like to say: we, a bunch of scrawny pseud-intellectual and fully book-smart high-schools are sitting on the wrong side of wired fence surrounding a shallow collection of water drained off the adjoining land, which is of course adorned by a engineered spouting fountain designed to the give the illusion of running water nearly overcoming the general hum of traffic in the near by streets. Or something like that… I think my butt’s getting wet.

I feel so at peace with this nature

The crunch of gravel underneath passing cars’ wheels

The glaring presence of neighboring lights

The engineered regular ripples of an metalic fountain

The distant smell of brewing fries and coffee

I feel so at peace with this nature

Don’t you?

I should stop being so cynical and spending so much time laughing at be english class… But its just too fun and it’s such an easy target.

Mmm what else. Time to brag. Feel free to skip this next paragraph. Or next few sentences. Go figure. I would never actually subject someone to this shameless gloating on any other terms. Soooo… I got a 221 on psats! wheee! *gloats* I’m really proud of myself, especially considering I didn’t even break 200 last year. Mucho improvement. </bragging> I hate how people always go around and ask what other people got, and then share it until the point where everyone knows everyone else’s grades whether they wanted to share or not. And most of the time people only ask so that they can compare to themselves. As in gloat and brag and all that jazz. Sure it’s fine when you do well, but otherwise it just isn’t fun. That being said, I’m really surprised at a lot of the grades this year. Juniors that I generally classify as omg smart dropped massively point-wise from last year and sophomores who are taking it the first time are getting amazing scores. This one kid. aah. 237. How is that even possible? jeez. I don’t think I would like to be him though. Whats going to happen next year? With all likelihood his score will go down. And that would just be depressing. Actually come to think of it, the whole system is depressing. Why are we all defining ourselves by one number? One stupid number on one stupid test on one stupid day. It’s just setting ourselves up for failure, anxiety, and depression. Simply terrible.

Apparently it’s possible that tomorrow we will get a petite bit of snow. Maybe 1-2 inches, 4 inches max. And get this. People are “preparing for the storm” and stocking up on food and students are gunning for a snow day. Can I get a loud chorus of MA and Canada based “whaaaat??!”s ? It’s so ridiculous how little people here are used to snow. I will never get over it. Or the fact that some people are convinced we live in the ‘north’. But thats a whole other story. (*cough* Cincinnati is in the South people. stop pretending its sooo much better than Kentucky. It’s not *cough*) But despite my ridicule I can’t help but think… a day off tomorrow wouldn’t be all the terrible…

Mwaha. So I’m learning mellophone right now. C’est tres interessante. I don’t suck nearly as much as I originally though I would, but I’m not good by any stretch of the imagination. I’m finally getting the fingerings down, at least for the middle-ish notes, and let me say as a woodwind: so much easier to learn! There are a grand total of 3 buttons. As opposed to the (finds clarinet and counts)  25ish on a clarinet? Not that you use all the buttons all the time of course, but still. The one big difference is of course how much your embouchure matters. Clarinet… ehh… kinda, but only really to make sure you are in tune. With brass its like.. major important. bah. Oh well. I have all winter and all spring, plus pep band to learn, so it’s not too huge a challenge. And now, forgive me for being my catty self, my goal: I must  be better than my fellow freshman clarinet to mellophone switchees. There. Now since I wrote that out and posted it, I doubly have to make it happen. ha.

Clarinet is also being semi-interesting at this point. This concert season we are beginning to get music that is actually interesting, and- dare I say it? Challenging for the clarinets. I’m excited. I was afraid for a bit that we were going to be playing all ridiculously easy music, but 2 of our newest pieces (including a polar express medley) are very fun. In addition, if we don’t end up switching the piece with top band, we are supposedly getting another challenging one. I believe this is rumored to be Tetris, but I won’t believe it until I see it

I should probably go study for pre-calc now… Considering how much time I’ve wasted writing this during several consecutive classes and the fact that the time has come one again: I have no idea what we’re doing in that class again. I was good for about a week, and then today I got 2 out of maybe 40 homework problems right. As an added bonus, guess which problems we went over today in class. You guessed it! Those two. *sigh* Time to think!

\\  68 69 6c 61 72 79 \\


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  1. 1

    terka said,

    yay! this entry made me happy! i love reading about your life :)

  2. 2

    nothilaryy said,

    Thats really funny- my life has got to be the most boring thing ever

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