In her shoes

I think that there is something to be a said for a class the can randomly burst into song with actual musical type timing and togetherness. And that something to be said is: it’s amazing. Yay physics! and Yay Mulan! Too bad I don’t like French that much. Probably because I have no idea whats going on. The other day in class I sat and stared out the window counting the number of cars that drove by. In case you were wondering, there were 66 and they drove by at an average rate of 3.2 cars per minute. It was also interesting to note that they generally traveled in clumps. At first I thought that this might be because of traffic lights, but later I became unsure of this hypothesis when I realized how far away the nearest stop light was and the fact that they traveled in groups in both directions at the same time. Does that make sense? Probably not. But thats what I sit there thinking in French. Right now I should probably be working on my french homework thats due later. But I have no idea what it means. Whatevers.

So my English teacher didn’t totally take out all her rage on me for my sarcastic and cynical poem about our transcending experience. My final poem went as follows:

So here we are

In Nature


Or as I like to say:

We, a bunch of scrawny, pseudo-intellectual

and fully book-smart high-schoolers

Are attempting to discern meaning

By standing on the wrong side of a wired fence

Surrounding a shallow collection of water

drained off neighboring land

(loosely termed a pond)

Which is of course adorned with a metallic fountain

engineered to create these regular ripples

Giving the illusion of running water

in attempt to overcome the drone of passing traffics

Inhaling the stench of brewing coffee and fries

I feel so at peace with nature

Or something like that…

I think my butt’s getting wet.

She actually read it aloud with the other good poems today in class, *and* I got an awesome on my paper. Sweetness. I think she felt lenient towards me at the moment because she found a new least favorite student. FYI: If you are late to class by 8 seconds and the teacher calls you on it, don’t say thats not fair. Furthermore, when asked for a “better response to being tardy” then thats not fair, do not proclaim to the teacher that “your mom’s tardy”. Unless of course you want the coveted position of least favorite student.

What is Thoreau’s tone towards beans?

Thoreau’s tone towards beans is sarcastic because he is annoyed at the asker of this question for assuming that the reason for his extended stay on the farm in Massachusetts is because of his love of beans. -Beans, they will save the world!-

Teacher comment: “Not exactly”

*sigh* At least people get entertainment out of my extreme lack of a clue. Too bad I can’t just get away with being mildly funny for credit in all my other classes.

Part of our homework now is to find vocab words that we don’t know and define them so we can later teach them to the class. I started going through the stories like we were originally supposed to, but I had an extremely difficult time finding words that I don’t actually no. Enter: Yayz. My new vocab words are just so much fun. Although I’m sure this entire entry is quite soporific.

Did I mention that I finally ended up reading Twilight? I figured I might as well read it before continuing to make fun of it, and there was a chance that since so many people liked it, I could find at least some entertainment value. Review? Completely cheezy and sappy and melodramatic and cliche and a dozen other words to that effect. I can, however, see the appeal to a large amount of the teenage girl population. Bella (the main girl character) is ordinary and universal. Any girl can see herself in Bella’s shoes. She’s smart, marginally attractive, clumsy, and in every way imaginable, a normal teenage girl. There is no great tragic flaw that sets her on some pedestal away from the accessability of a normal person. She isn’t a orphan, she isn’t a genius, she isn’t the most georgeous thing alive, she isn’t born ‘special’ in any way. She is every girl. And yet, at the same time, she is every girl’s dream. She finds true love in a guy that absolutely adores her in every way. Her life goes from the epitome of ordinary, to amazing and dramatic beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, and it all happens by chance. She happens to move to a brand new town and meet this amazingly georgeous and perfect guy (with the minor exception of being a vampire). It’s the classic tale of ordinary to extraordinary, yet its accessible to the average every day girl. And now as a result girls read this book, hoping, wishing, that this could all happen to them.

Every girl can be Bella. Bella can be every girl.

Me? I prefer having a boyfriend that doesn’t want to eat me. But maybe its really fun? I’ve never tried. Other than that basic element of appeal, I can’t see anything particularly special. The writing is mediocre at best, and the drama is drawn out and incredibly not suspenseful. A majority of the book is spent describing Bella’s thoughts which are repetitive, unoriginal, and not thought-provoking.

One instance in the book that irritated me beyond all others. (yes even beyond the moments where he sits outside her window watching her sleep. sketchy much?) Bella’s unwavering acceptance of the fact that Edward is a vampire. The sequence of events leading up to her realization are as follows:

  1. She notices that the guy is a bit weird
  2. The guy saves her life through unconventional means
  3. Some other guy tells a spooky story about how the Cullens (Edward’s family) are all vampires
  4. She googles vampires
  5. Her online research does not support the other guy’s story
  6. She begins her unwavering belief of Edward’s vampirism

Whaaaat? Seriously? Vampires are mythical creatures. You’re just going to start believing just like that? Really? Wow. I have lost all respect for you as a person(/character).


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  1. 1

    evlglfngcwmstr said,

    You’re lucky. Ray is always trying to take bites out of my shoulder when I’m not paying attention. I wish I was kidding… =D

  2. 2

    terka said,

    everything about this entry is amazing.
    i love the poem and the cars.

    and i love your review of twilight. ive recently read all three books (in four days, no less) and completely agree. it’s very fun discussing them with people and squealing at appropriate moments, though.

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