I hate this freaking research paper.

Mk kiddies?

I have a wonderful paper. I wrote all 10 freaking pages of it . And now its on to citing. I do that too.

Of course I did that without page numbers accidently the first time.

But here’s the kicker. I’ve lost a crapload of my notecards because of the whole “let’s go to Canada!” thing. Just now I realize that she wants all the freaking cards turned in as well in the order that we used them in the paper.

So guess fucking what.

I now have to take notecards on my paper.

Because it is an effective use of my time.

I currently hate this anal retentive bitch of a teacher at the moment.

I know she’s just trying to teach us how to research well

But you know what?

I don’t fucking care.

Maybe I just wont do the freaking notecards.

My grade can probably stand it


I was so much ahead of all the other people in my class on this one. I finished writing the paper way ahead. I just manage to get stuck in all this technical shit.


I’m just going to go eat someone

Rip their head of and then dump pickle juice in the wound

maybe mrs. history teacher perhaps?

oh yeah… mild profanity behind you… feel free to skip reading this one kiddies


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