I feel like crap as of right now. Of course exam time is an appropriate time to get a really debilitating cold. Fabulous. On a regular occasion it is the range of stay-home-worthy debate, but of course I can’t take a day off this week because of stupid exams. I probably did terribly on my physics one (which should have been the easiest A in the universe) because I was too asleep to catch all the stupid mistakes I was making. Hopefully my english exam essay wasn’t too incoherent because the objective portion certainly isn’t going to save me. Why do I always feel lousiest at the most inconvenient times?

On top of it all, apparently my parents are making me pay for the entire $236 worth of replacement retainer. During our trip to Canada I kept my retainer in a plastic bag with toothbrush etc., but over the course of the trip the other teeth accouterments migrated to another bag. When I got home I left the plastic bag with only the clear retainer in it on the counter. It was then presumably thrown out by someone thinking it was only an empty plastic bag. I’ll admit, having it travel in such an inconspicuous casing was irresponsible and I should take some of the blame and help pay for it, but am I really at fault that someone just starts throwing out bags without checking to make sure nothing is in them? *sigh* I guess my bank account can live without that money… yay, I see my savings dwindling as I speak.

I need to stop writing entries when I’m upset. It makes me seem like a very emo person. I swear I’m not! I just don’t like to complain to people when I’m annoyed so I complain to the openness of the internet. You can stop reading at any time. I won’t be offended. I probably wouldn’t have read this far at all.

Oh and guess what else! AP American teacher was sick today so no test review. Joy. Now I really do have to go back through the book and find out all the colonies relationships with Great Britain instead of having her (the human text book + more interesting) summarize it for me. Darn.

On the upside, apparently being sick and feeling annoyed at the AP teacher makes me slightly better at math contests. Or this last one was really easy. Yeah probably the latter. Ah well. I got a 5! Thats at least some achievement and kind of makes up for the fact that last week I got a 0. Congrats on the stupid mistakes hilary… of course that rhombus is a square… mhmm.

Time to go study for my math, programming, and band exams I suppose. Heh. Band exam. Except I probably will fail that too just to round it all off. Did I mention that I think I failed a playing quiz on Monday? Yep, that makes me feel confident. And I can completely play most of the music too. I just failed at playing in front of a group, especially without being warmed up. And then one of the parts we had to play was the only part in the entire show I couldn’t play. To top it all off, I’m 1st clarinet on that song, and the 1st part is significantly more difficult than the respective sections in the 2nd and 3d part. They’re all complaining “ugh.. it’s so fast! And we have to go over the breakkkk” and I’m just …. are you kidding? You have to go over the break? How sad. Us over here have to go play these astronomically high notes and youuu have to go over the break? I feel *so* sorry for you all.

As a final topic while I’m on this ughhh life sucks train, I despise Hillary Clinton. Not for any political reason, mind you. Just the fact that she has the same name (albeit spelled wrong) Do you have any idea how incredibly irritating it is to here your name said all day long (often in the most derogatory context) and feel like a complete idiot when you respond? Its so irritating.

And thus I end my rant for now. Sorry you suffered through all its nonsensicalness and annoyingness.


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