I despise hiccups. I also believe I have a messed up diaphragm (the part of your body responsible for hiccups). I get the hiccups at least once a day. Often its a short series of very loud ones, generally at the most inconvenient time: band, band concerts, church, tests, lunch etc…. Yet occasionally they end up being for an extremely extended period of time. Like right now. *hic* gr…

I’m still slightly sick today, but thanks to the massive amount sleep I got yesterday, I think I prevented it from becoming something much worse. So now I get to take more exams! Yay! I had Math, Programming, and Band today = easiest exam day of life. Math was sifnificantly easier than I expected, the problems were all the easiest example possible that demonstrated the mastery of each skill and altogether it was a fairly short test. Programming was of course a breeze. In fact it was an even breezier breeze than expected because the teacher didn’t feel like grading fill in the blank questions so it was entirely multiple choice and true and false! I believe I got a 98% on it. mwaha. And then band exam was of course easy. Its band. What else do you expect? They give you an exact study guide that the questions are based on. I think the harder part of that bell was not being bored out of my mind after the exam was over but before the school day ended.

In other news, my hiccups are gone! yay!

So now I have French and AP american tomorrow. *gulp* Hopefully my conjuquemos fun will have improved my verb conjugating skills at least a bit and I wont completely fail french. Maybe I’ll have retained a speck of information from les miserables? Jean Valjean? And AP American is just going to be fabulous I’m sure. I’ve already heard horror stories from 4th bell.. O_O

Maybe I’ll get back to studying now… or just go back to slacking off and playing mass effect! I’m sick people- don’t judge me! =P


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    terka said,

    soooo pretty

    aww tests

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