Dumb Survey

– Available: Nope
– Age: 17
– Annoyance: Pessimism
– Animal: Penguin

– Beer: Kind of tastes gross
– Birthday: April 24
– Best Friend(s): Terence, Caitlin, and Meredith
– Blind or Deaf: Neither? I guess I’d go with deaf even though I’d really miss music
– Best weather: A cool crisp day in autumn where you need a light sweater and jeans but not a full jacket
– Been in Love: mhm
– Been on stage: Loves it
– Believe in Magic: Not magicians but the magic in the world? (*corny*)
– Believe in Santa: Yes.

– Candy: Berry Skittles, chocolates, and pixi sticks
– Color: the rainbow
– Chocolate/Vanilla: It depends. Cake or Ice cream or cookies? Vanilla I guess
– Chinese/Mexican: People or food? I guess I like burritos
– Cake or pie: Depends on what type and how I’m feeling. Right now I’d love me some lemon meringue pie
– Continent to visit: Europe
– Cheese: Is wonderful

– Day or Night: Night
– Dance in the rain: Is fun and silly

– Eyes: Green most of the time, but they change a lot.
– Everyone’s got: Lots of problems
– Ever failed a class?: Nope
– First thoughts waking up: lately its been  “mmmm my blankets are so warm I’m never coming out”
– Food: Is great

– Greatest Fear: Not living a fulfilled life
– Goals: Getting a Nobel prize ^_^
– Gum: Is gross but I end up chewing it anyway
– Get along with your parents?: Well enough, my dad more so than my mom
– Good luck charm: Lucky socks?
– Hair Color: Brown, but I want to dye it
– Height: 5′ 2″
– Happy: Well enough
– Holiday: Christmas
– How do you want to die: For a reason

– Ice Cream: Death by chocolate and black rasberry chip. Oh and cookie dough
– Instrument: Mellophone!

– Jewelry: I think I want more
– Job: I really should get one

– Kids: Have boogers
– Kickboxing or karate: Karate
– Keep a journal?: Try to start
– Love: Should make you feel good
– Letter: They’re fun to get, tough to write
– Laughed so hard you cried: Is when I’m happiest

– Milk flavor: Do I have to?
– Movies: Star Wars, Pirates, LOTR, V for Vendetta
– Motion sickness?: Never used to
– McD’s or BK: I refuse

– Number: 24, 13, 8

– One wish: That I can know whats right

– Perfect Pizza: Caprice!
– Pepsi/Coke: Both are gross

– Quail: and Queen are the only words that I can ever think of that begin with Q.

– Reason to cry: Helplessness
– Reality T.V.: Is a waste of time
– Radio Station: 97.3 The Sound that will never be as good as 94.9
– Roll your tongue in a circle?: Yeah I can?
– Ring size: No idea, but probably very small.
– Song: Right now I’m listening to Pirates of the Caribbean 3 soundtrack
– Shoe size: 6.5
– Salad Dressing: Oil and Vinegar
– Sushi: Veggie sushi is delicious
– Slept outside: Once at relay
– Smoked?: No
– Skinny dipped?: Nope
– Shower daily?: For the most part
– Sing well?: People tell me so
– In the shower?: When I’m home alone
– Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries

– Tattoos?: I’d consider a small one
– Time for bed: 10:30 on school nights, whenever I feel like it on others
– Thunderstorms: I love them
– Unpredictable: Is the best type of situation

– Vacation spot: Europe would be nice, but I’ll go almost anywhere.

– Weakness: I am incredibly not strong
– Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Meredith
– Who makes you laugh the most?: Tie between all my good friends
– Wanted to be a model: I’m way too short
– Where do we go when we die?: We stay in the hearts of those we love
– Worst Weather?: Humidity

– X-Rays: I’ve only had one.

-Year it is now: Almost 2009
-Yellow: Is not my favorite color

– Zoo animal: I don’t really like zoos


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