I really love socks. My feet are perpetually cold no matter what I do because of my terrible circulation so socks at all times are a must; however, there are many times when I am unable to obtain such foot accoutrement’s because of my family’s nasty tendency of sock stealing. My brother’s feet are easily twice as big as mine, yet somehow we frequently end up with each others socks, mostly because we both own a large amount of basic white athletic ankle socks. Over the years we would always attempt to come up with systems to work around the confusion (he got Adidas, I got Nike or he got the black capped ones, I got the grey) but inevitably we would forget about these intricate systems and grab the first clean pair from the laundry room.

A new leaf in the tale of my feet was turned when I discovered the joy of decrotive socks. No longer were they regaled to the basic white- Stripes, designs, polka-dots galore! Once I recieved a few pairs of toe socks. Although one might think that individually insulated toes might prove for warmer feet, they are sadly mistaken. Not only were my toes much colder when separated, the toes often wore through at a faster rate than the rest of the sock, causing them to awkwardly poke through. Clearly toe socks were not my style.

The next chapter in this story was the most magnifcent. I discovered fuzzy socks. I am now practically a fuzzy sock connisseur, and many of my relatives rely on them as a staple gift to give me each christmas. Many of the strangest socks I have encountered have been fuzzy. Two pairs I recently received for christmas apparently contain Vitamin E that is released through the fibers to keep your feet nice and soft. Another pair I was given had little rubber type dots on the bottom designed to give you more traction on slippery floors, but in practice are quite uncomfortable when walking on hard surfaces.

Did I really just write an entire 3 paragraphs about socks? Great, and to top it off it sounds like a formal essay! What is wrong with me? Ah well. At least I’m writing.


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