Here are a couple predictions about this year, purely out of longing to come back at the end and see if I’m right.

  1. I will end up going to whatever college gives me the most money
  2. No matter where I go, I will look forward to and enjoy college
  3. Caitlin will break up with her boyfriend
  4. I will end up with new friends because of the play
  5. I will miss high school
  6. This blog will last at least through the summer, but updates will probably become less frequent, and there will be an abrupt pause in my writing after I leave for school
  7. I will cave and eat a hamburger
  8. Jack will go through another life make over (and will totally miss me!)
  9. The LHC will prove something really cool and significant and will not end the world
  10. I will get another puzzle and complete it over break

Ugh thats a terrible list. I’ve really got to get better at this whole blogging/writing thing again. It’s just hard without really knowing my intended audience. I’m considering putting a link to this on my facebook profile so that someone could learn more about me if they really wanted to, but I’m sort of hesitant. I’ll definitely get more entries first though.


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