Not Fun

Blech. Today was not very fun. I was so bored in math class that I started counting things. Everything. There are 37 useless posters in our class room and 27 blinds on the window to the next classroom… you get the picture. And then I had a miserable time trying to find my interview. I had the wrong address, ended up lost in a sketchy part of town, it was snowy and blech, it was night time, and I really hate driving in general, especially to new places. I ended up missing my interview entirely which was just fantastic, despite the fact that I left around an hour before to get to a place that is a little over ten minutes away.

So now I’m tired. And I was cold, but thankfully I have a laptop and can thus type this while cuddled up in my bed. On the upside of today, I found a new website: Shelfari. Essentially you can catalogue the books you own, have read, and are planning to read all while cooexisting in a community of readers. I really have not read as much lately as I normally do, so maybe this will get me back on track? I’m really looking forward to being suggested and suggesting other people books based on past ratings. If you so chose to check it out you can find me here

Really today wasn’t all bad; I enjoyed chem and physics as much as ever, and I’m really enjoying the play we’re reading in english. I’m just not really in the mood for being awake so much right now.

In other news: I have a reader! Yes one glorious reader. Whom I guess I will write all my entries to for now. (Hi caro =) )


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    Carolyn said,

    AHA YES!

    I am glorious!


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