Those Books

I was on my computer looking surfing the web-o-sphere (as always), when my mum asked me what I would like for christmas. I had just read a very positive review of the book Anathem by Neal Stephenson and it sounded like something right up my alley- a little bit of fantasy and sci-fi, a dash of mystery, and it was about math! So I put that on my very scarce looking Christmas list in a feeble attempt to bulk it up, and lo and behold it was under the tree on Christmas eve. The rest of break had been quite busy and filled with holiday homework, so consequently I never got around to starting it. Finally, I got a break yesterday and began to read, but what did I find?

It was one of those books. What are “those books”, you ask? “Those books” are the type where the author feels so self-important that he (or she) decides that no words in the English language can accurately express the sentiment they wish to convey, so they make up their own word, generally by either pounding their head on the keyboard and seeing what bizarre collection of letters comes up or seeing how many vowels they can string together, punctuated with the rarely used letters like x, j, q, and z. And they don’t do this once or twice, often times every page is littered with made up terms. I can understand a need to make up certain places and character names, especially in a fantasy novel, but why do these authors insist on ignoring previously established concepts in favor of their own more 
“creative” ones? If you are describing a house, call it a house, not a Weitug*.

I’m going to try and make it through the first little bit of the books in hopes that it gets better, after all I’m only 20 or so pages in to a 1000 page book, but the outlook looks grim.

*A word I just created by smashing my fingers on the keyboard. You totally thought it was an actual fantasy novel term didn’t you, teehee. See what I mean?


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