The lights are off…

..And I’m too lazy to get up and turn them on.

The phrase “I’m too lazy” is one that I utter far too often, generally to the annoyance of those around me. 

“Hey Jack! Can you grab me some water please?”

“Get it yourself”

“I’m too lazy”

Then he, being my brother, will usually make some sort of weird face, I’ll make one back, and depending on how badly I am in need of said water I will either give in and get it myself or wait for someone else to walk by the fridge again.

Even when I do not voice this exact phrase, one  would find similar sentiments in my conversations quite readily. During Advanced Topics Comp Sci, 4th bell, this happens almost daily.

“Hilary, can you help on our CS project?”

“Uhh… Lemme think about it…. Nope. I’m too busy checking my e-mail and reading webcomics”

“You’re so lazy!”

And although my project partners displeasure is almost always countered instantly by a clever “your mom” joke, their point still stands.

I am lazy.

Is this such a bad thing? Things that are truly important to me, such as my physics assignments or UT Chem Homeworks,  are always done in a timely manner in pristine quality. I am a member of plenty of activities, from French Club to Pep Band to InterAlliance. I attend play rehearsal, practice French Horn and piano, and play Ultimate Frisbee. These are the things that are worth my time and effort; if I want to short-change other motions because the cost of doing them outweighs the reward, should I be judged?

I’ll be the first to admit that many do not consider the cost of getting up and moving a couple feet to turn on the lights that high, especially when the benefit is to be able to see the rest of the kitchen clearly, but in refusing to do so, I came up with 321 words of blogging material so far.

I am lazy.


And I’m okay with that.


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