25 Things

Ever notice that whenever one of these  “Write X Many Random Things About Yourself” things comes around X gets bigger? The last one was definitely 16, now we’re at 25… Soon we’ll all have lists of thousands of things about ourselves that no one else cares about or will ever read in entirety. That being said, here are 25 things you might not know about me!

  1.  I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that can go to events and trips and somehow take millions of pictures. I do bring my camera but usually I end up with about seven pictures and four of them don’t suck. I then convince myself that it’s because I’d rather have fun than take pictures proving how much fun I’m having, but I still wish I had more.
  2. Pajamas are my favorite. As long as I’m not going out anywhere later, I’ll change into my pajamas almost immediately after getting home from school.
  3. I love jigsaw puzzles. Every winter my dining room table gets covered in my many thousand piece monstrosities. The last one I did was a really nice giant one of Times Square at night that my brother gave me for Christmas.
  4. I really dislike talking on the phone and will do almost anything to avoid it. I’ve gotten slightly better over the years but am still ever so greatful for the internet so I don’t have to.
  5. After having nearly the entire Phantom of the Opera soundtrack memorized since I was little, I finally saw the movie the other night. It felt so cool to finally understand the context of the songs!
  6. The b key on my laptop is kind of broken- I have to press extra hard to make sure it registers. I should probably clean out the keyboard..
  7. Despite being Canadian and living is Massachusetts for most of my life, I get cold ridiculously easy. It’s a combination of horrible circulation and possible anemia that makes my fingers and toes start to lose feeling and color even when the weather isn’t that cold. It kind of makes them look zombie like because it’s the precursor to frostbite, and I don’t like it so I complain about being cold.
  8. When I was little, my parents thought I was going to grow up to be an actress or a singer or at least some sort of preformer. It sounds ridiculous now, but in their defense at the time it made a little sense at the time. I was really into the theater scene most of my life, but just stopped when we moved. Now I’m getting back into it again..
  9. I hold the record for most teeth ever pulled at once- 14! Some of them were baby teeth, but even still I was eating soup for months.
  10. Whenever people mention my weight I always feel really awkward, even if they’re giving my a compliment. It’s not like I try to be skinny, and I especially dislike it when people insinuate I am anorexic.
  11. If I were to ever become a member of ” [insert addiction] Anonymous”, it would probably end up being the internet. 
  12. Coinciding with the previous point, I used to use internet acronyms and slang in real life to be ironic or as a joke, but they’ve started to become a scary habit. I am such a geek.
  13. Coinciding with the coincinding point, I really dislike it when people use the term “ironic” or “irony” incorrectly. I once caught Mrs. Allen at it, and totally would have pointed it out in class if I weren’t so shy then. On the other hand, if it had been Mrs. Smith… For a good reference check out http://www.notironic.com/
  14. [I keep on thinking of points that go along with my previous point] Speaking of being shy, in my lifetime I have transformed from the loudest most attention wanting little kid, to an ultra-shy person who could barely function in polite society, to now what I think is a good balance.  (hopefully?) I really hope that other people can see the change over the past couple years, because personally I think I’ve gotten quite a bit better. I talk now! To people!
  15. I am really bad at sports. My hand/eye/foot coordination is awful, I am perpetually out of shape, am really weak, and a lot of the time I understand how I’m supposed to play the game I just fail at doing so. That being said, I do try hard to do well and get in better shape, and I’m trying new sports to try and find one that I’m at least okay at and enjoy so that I have something to keep my active when I get old.
  16. I don’t get sick often, but when I do I tend to get *really* sick- kidney infection, pnemonia, etc. Once when I got pneumonia I lost like 10 pounds. I was in the musical Annie at that time and totally looked the part of a starving orphan.
  17. I don’t ever remember having a good math teacher, but somehow I still love the suject.
  18. My sense of direction is miserable. I can’t drive anywhere new without having detailed instructions and preferably walking through it several times on Google Maps, especially with street view- that thing is awesome! Even better is when I have someone in the car giving me the instructions; I feel so much more at ease.
  19. I don’t consider myself an especially nature loving person, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it. One of my favorite sounds is rain on window panes. 
  20. People don’t always understand my sense of humor, but I love to make people laugh. I tend to be better at the witty or sarcastic side comments though, my story telling ability is typically abysmal.
  21. I really want to have a birthday party. Or actually just a party in general. But I’d want someone to help me throw it, or throw it as a surprise, because I’m not sure I know enough people that would show up. I’m not sure completely why I want to, it just seems like a fun high school thing to do, and I haven’t had one since ever.
  22. All of my points seem really long compared to other people’s… does that mean I’m conceited? Or just that I think hearing a background story makes each point more interesting.
  23. It isn’t evesdropping if you don’t have to try hard to hear the conversation
  24. I was considering having this point state how much I dislike a certain nickname of mine, but then I decided to include it, people would laugh and start calling my it just to see me get irritated. So ha!
  25. I consider the duty to make the world a better place for those around you and for yourself much more important than religion will ever be to me. My moral values come from myself, my thoughts, my reasoning. I’m a personal philosophy type of person rather than an institutionalized philosophy one. 

Wow. This is really long. I applaud you if you actually read it all, but if not I don’t particularily care, I just want to know more about you!


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