Having restored/reformatted/essentially deleted my computer so many times, my music library has suffered. I have lost so much music over the years that it’s really quite sad, and thanks to apple being annoying, having your music library synch to the computer is really the only easy way to handle the iPod/Computer connection. Thankfully I have always been the type of person to create lots of mix CDs; however, this situation is not ideal because:

  1. It’s tedious. There are only so many CDs I can rip in one sitting  before I go crazy
  2. I have to label them all myself. iTunes cannot recognize any CD that is not on the official Gracenote thing.
  3. This point kind of goes with the last, but in the annoyance that comes with having to label your songs again comes the difficulty of labeling foreign language songs. I have a ton of French music that I don’t remember the title or artist and I can’t go my usual route of googling the lyrics because I can usually only pick out a couple words in a given phrase and half the time I don’t even conjugate those few correctly. And it really bugs me to have unlabeled songs.

I was going to make this longer, but I think installing some iPod softwear update killed my touch… Fantastic. I’ll deal with this tomorrow.


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