I swear I’m not being all Boston Elitist

But this snow day craziness really has to stop. This is our 4th day off, and now we have 2 weekend days. What am I supposed to do with all this time? The roads are perfectly fine so at least I’m able to see people and do things, but really Cincinnati? Are you that weak? I feel like I’m retired- all I have to think about when I get up every day is what I feel like doing besides eating and sleeping. For 6 days now! It’s like spring break, except minus the our teacher’s preparedness, so minus any projects and long term assignments they would have given us. And I have to break it to you Ms. Superintendent (I believe you make these calls?), those AP exams don’t go any farther away because we took so much time off. Making up the time at the end of the year really doesn’t help us much. So thank you for officially giving the choice between Saturday school and failing every last one of my 5 AP exams this year.

Just kidding, I am taking 5 but I don’t think that what we do in class matters to two and a half of them. English and gov? Eh who cares. BC Calc matters a bit but we just teach ourselves anyway. But physics and chemistry? We need our teachers! We need to go back to school!


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