I Ended This Entry With A Nike Slogan

My goal in life is to lose Never Have I Ever.

If I could go through my life having done everything I could possibly think of, I think I would end up in a very happy place.

If I have to decide between two things to do, I ask myself: “Which could make a better story?”. And then I do that one.

And in case you were wondering, the answer to that question is never just sitting around watching movies or tv, or surfing the web all day, or doing anything that is routine. Routine is boring.

Ever have I skinny dipped with people I don’t know. Ever have I danced in a field of sunflowers at night. Ever have I made friends with the people who work at lazer tag over some coloring books and silly hats. Ever have I chased down strangers with nerf guns. Ever have I broken into spontaneous dance parties at pretty much every place imaginable.

I want to be the person who ends up living their life to the fullest. The one that is full of surprises. The one who has seen the world and seen what lies outside their own back door.

And I’m going to be.

Because sometimes you have to

Just Do It.


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