Where Will This Take Me?

It’s been awhile. But I’m feeling a bit of a writing itch, strange as it seems. So we’ll go with this, free-form style, no holds barred, no thoughts, no plans. Just me, the blinking cursor, and this white expanse ahead of me. And my penguin pajamas. Can’t forget those.

As a physics major, I don’t really need to write much anymore. But while I’m not sad to see arbitrary page length requirements go the way of the idea of an ether*, I can’t say that the skills I’ve gained over the years are useless. I can write in a fairly eloquent fashion, albeit overly technically with a few too many commas. I can even use semi-colons with pride and confidence; this is another independent clause, proving my point. My concern is that without the occasional exercise (2 words that I cannot spell for the life of  me), these skills will not remain sharp, and, more importantly, I may begin to lose this style of thinking.

I’m similarly concerned about my speaking skills. “But Hilary!” you protest, “You speak every day, often at great length, when most people really want you to be quiet!”. The issue is that I don’t speak at my full level of eloquence. I hesitate to say that I dumb myself down, as it is more a lack of formality than an intent to appear less intelligent, but it equates to much the same thing. When I speak with my friends I lack direction. I make up words with incredible frequency, even though there is generally a word that already exists that better expresses what I am trying to convey. I used to ironically use internet slang in real life, but now I just use internet slang in real life. I am almost always in “silly” mode. Almost childish. I worry on occasion that people underestimate me.  But then what does it matter? These are my peers. I’m supposed to be able to let loose. Except that then there are those times. Those times when you use the word “bamftastic” in front of a professor.** That’s when you start to realize that you may have a problem.

So let’s do this thang. k?

*Yes, I did really need to make a physics joke there.
**True HilaryStory (TM)


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