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New blog. woot.

Also, I decided to not start completely fresh, and copy some of the slightly more eloquent entries from previous blogs, just for some sort of record of how wonderful I am! ^_^

or because I needed some text to look at while I reformatted…

…lets just stick with that Im a wonderful writer…



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My newest computer hard drive is faulty. Let me take a moment and say (quite loudly) : What. The. FUCK?!?! This is now 3 computers in a row that have completely screwed me over.

First computer: faulty hardrive.
Second Computer: Disk drive cover snaps off within 36 hours of owning it.
Third (and quite possibly final PC given my anger/lack of funding for a fourth computer in 3 years) computer: MELTS power cords and also as it turns out, ANOTHER faulty hardrive.

What is this crap?! I do everything I’m supposed to with these computers- every security feature updates, firewalls, virus scans, EVERYTHING, but still they all feel the need to break and utterly piss me off in every concievable way short of bursting into flames. A flaming computer would at least be cool to watch, but no; the computers are going to piss me of in completely mundane but extremely aggravating ways. I can’t take it anymore!

At the moment I’m seriously considering getting a mac for the next computer I own (despite how frequently I tend to make fun of everything apple) just because I can’t afford (cash-wise or mentally) to keep taking this shit from my PCs. Maybe I’m being over-critical and melodramatic, but all I know is that when I buy a computer I expect it to work. Not work for a couple weeks/minutes/seconds then die, just WORK. Gahhhhhh! Needless to say, I probably won’t be online all that much.

Second on my list of things to rant about today is the book called State of Fear by Michael Crichton. Worst. Book. Ever. Never, under any circumstances, would I ever subject someone to this sorry excuse for a story. Despite having the facade of a plot, the few moments of (extremely repetitive and overdone) action are merely intermissions for long, uninterupted lectures given by one of the robotic drones loosely entitled ‘characters’. Let me give you a brief plot summary.

Main character 1: We need to save the world from global warming!
Main character 2: You idiot! Global warming doesn’t exist!
Main character 1: Yes it does because of [insert global warming support here]
Main character 2: Ha! You fool! Let me show you how wrong you are! [insert long lecture type information filled with graphs, scientific terms, definitions of said scientific terms, citations, and everything else you might expect to find in a scientific journal albiet extremely dumbed down for the average reader]
Main character 1 interupting: but-
Main character 2: [Continues scientific rant]

Then the characters go off on a mission to a remote place, 2 of them will fall in a hole, romantic tensions build, they all very narrowly escape dying. Repeat back to step 1 several times, slightly altering the charactert pair-ups each time.

That really is the entire book folks. The characters were wooden and unlikeable, the setting was completely irrelevant, and all in all, the book felt like a thinly veiled high-school level thesis on global warming that was dumbed down for the reading public and had characters drawing the conclusions you were supposed to make.

Somedays I feel like life is screwing with me just to see how I react; like a kid poking a bug with a stick. And I’m the bug. The stick this time around is my exam grades. My midterms grades were mostly Cs with the exception of band. My final exam grades were all As with the exception of English (B) and Band which I was exempt from. Guess which exams I studied for. I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with shmidterms.

What?! How is it that I walk into my chem exam, laughing about how Im completely going to fail because I dont remember anything and didn’t study at all, and somehow wind up with an A, but freak out about the midterm and study yet end up with a C. It makes no sense!! I’m so confused. I spent my week before finals playing videogames, eating, sleeping, and laughing at people who were studying. Yet I end up with a bunch of As. Life is just messing with me. I know it

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The Monopoly That is Apple

EDIT: Apparently my mom can’t figure out how to update her IPod without my explicit help. So I suppose I should take back the whole monkey comment…. nope.

Bah. Who lets Apple get away with the complete and utter CRAP they are pulling as far as iTunes/iPods goes? Its ridiculous. Most of the products are so dumbed down that a *brain dead monkey* could use them; with the little implication that when someone whose mental capacity is slightly higher (more at regular monkey level) attempts to use the stuff they can’t escape the mind-numbing simplicity of automatic updates and the like. My specific complaints are as follows:

  1. I have 200ish songs on my iPod. Out of that 200, I bought 50 from iTunes, had 100 on CDs, and got 50 from other people who had also bought them on iTunes. You would think that I could then move all these songs onto my computer at once, but *no*, we have to be special. First of all, you can’t import songs that you didn’t buy off of iTunes. Why not? It isn’t like they have any personal stake in the matter anymore. I didn’t buy it from them, and I’m not even doing anything illegal. Second, I can’t transfer the songs that were bought off of iTunes until I authorize the computer, but instead of being handy and telling me which accounts need authorization, it just leaves me guessing with messages like ” ‘You Don’t Know My Name’ and other songs could not be transfered because this computer is not authorized”. Well gee. “other songs”. Reeeal descriptive.
  2. I sent an email to tech support asking if a separate operating systems installed on the same computer counted as different computer ‘authorizations’. They reply Yes. For your convenience we have automatically deauthorized all computers attached to this account… Did I *ask* for you to deauthorize all my computers? No. I didn’t. I asked a question. Yet now, thanks to tech support, I have to deal with reauthorizing all the other computers, some of which I don’t have physical access to, and I really dont feel comfortable randomly sending out my password. But thanks for saving me all of 2 mouse clicks to deauthorize my computer iTunes. Thanks.
  3. All the songs you buy are in Mp4 format. What the hell is an Mp4?! Mp3 not good enough for you punk? I know it’s easy enough to switch the format… but really. Mp4? Seriously?
  4. You have to go through all kinds of random menus to make your iPod function as an external hardrive. Why? Its essentially just storage no matter what; why should I have to navigate through random menus and various strange steps to do something that really should be automatic?
  5. It always downloads 4 podcasts at a time when I update. Excuse me, my computer really can’t handle 4 separate downloads at the same time. Please stop it. The thing is, I can’t stop it because it’s so busy not responding due to the massive amount of data being transfered because of, guess what? The podcasts.
  6. The whole lowercase ‘i’ just pisses me off. ’nuff said.

Beware, this list may be updated throughout the day as I discover new ways iTunes irritates me. Excuse me as I go attempt to find a good iTunes substitute.

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