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I’m a little stupid

Just a little stupid for not thinking about the consequences of starting a blog a few days before marching season and junior year began. The consequences here being complete and utter neglect of said blog, and a tarnished reputation as a regular updater. Darn. But I don’t really have a choice right now. As a very wise person once said: ‘You can chose school, friends, or sleep. Most of the time you can chose two at once. But if you try to chose all three you die.”

Notice that writing random pointless entries on a random pointless blog does not even make the list.

At the moment I chose school and friends. Who needs sleep anyway?


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Things I learned Today

  1. I’m an idiot. (oh wait, I already knew that one)
  2. I can in fact carry a tuba. ish. for a brief period of time
  3. Speaking of tubas, they hurt less than a bass drum but more than a saxophone when you accidentally march into one
  4. Apparently I need to start learning how to buzz on a mellophone mouthpiece now or else I will die next year
  5. Spell check doesn’t think mellophone is a word
  6. When it isn’t Monday in any of your classes, that includes AP american
  7. If you perfect the amazing combination of puppy dog eyes and a menacing glare, people will do whatever you want…mwahah
  8. When I make lists of stuff I learn in school, nothing on the list will have to do with stuff I’m actually supposed to learn

Happy (bad-joke) tuesday!

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Here lie the random blatherings from the first(ish) week of school, generally written during each class, so excuse the (hopefully minimal) ranting. Oh and some background info: after the first 3 days of school my schedule totally changed because I dropped my study hall and took computer programming/seminar instead. This will be the schedule change talked about at great length especially during bell 4/7. Enjoy.

-I strongly dislike my English class. It makes me feel stupid. You would think that after the dreaded (yet still amazing) Allen Acc, I would be used to this kind of abuse, but apparently I forgot how to feel stupid over the summer. I especially dislike our ‘literary groups’, which are a group of 5 or so people who discuss the points given to us. By discuss I mean one dominating person talks a lot while others sit and nod, when the one person finally runs out of stuff to say, I’m put on the spot because ‘I need to contribute more’, and then my few ideas are rejected as obvious or not specific enough.

-And then there is physics. This was one of my only classes that changed teachers when my schedule changed, and I definitely like my new teacher better, as he didn’t spend 4 days working on a student and teacher ‘covenant’ (you know… the roll of a good student is to ask question pay attention do homework etc, the roll of a good teacher is to be patient and understanding etc). You start to wonder about the teachers that insist on those types of stupid exercises…. do they honestly believe that my commitment to doing my homework has anything to do with me writing it down on a list of things important to being a good student and signing the contract? I don’t like the new set of classmates as much because I don’t know them quite as well as the ones in the original class, but I suppose I’ll survive.

– Pre-calc… *sigh*…. I suppose it’s ok… Problems: 1) I don’t talk. That makes two classes in a row so far this day 2) We have to do our homework! Aaaah! The horrors! How ever will I survive? 3) I kinda just failed my first quiz that counts (and by failing I here mean getting a C) and that depresses me because I def knew the material, I just managed to make every stupid mistake possible, and then some. Of course 36/2=13 …. blahhh

-Enter bell 4. I had the perfect class during this period. AP american: a ton of really good friends, a fantastic teacher- could this period get any better? No, but it can get worse when I switch out of the class, into the 7th bell of the same subject… More on that class later. Now during that bell I’m taking computer programming and computer seminar second semester. I suppose the class is ok, I really enjoy taking computer classes, I just wish I knew people in the class. 3 bells in a row without people to talk to gets irritating.

-Band. <3 I’m not sure words can describe the awesomeness that is Band. Well, marching band anyway. Concert band not so much. I think I’m going to be stuck in bottom band for the rest of forever. But marching band= life marching band > life

-Francais. (Voila! Ton enigme =P mais sans accents parce-que je suis paresseuse) Mon classe de francais est…. blehh. Je ne le deteste pas, c’est juste je ne l’adore pas. Mes camarades de classe sont le plus grande ennui . Je ne comprende pas porquoi ils prennent le classe. (Je ne conaitre pas porquoi je le prends, mais…). Tout le monde parle tout le temps, et nous finissons rien. La prof est gentile(ish), mais nous ne aprenons rien… c’est plus difficile pour moi a ecrire cette paragraphe, et je suis certaine qu’elle est mauvais, specialement le grammaire.

PS: Si tu dois une indice:

– AP american. I love the teacher. She is brilliant. I detest the class, at least in comparison to the class I had before. Certain people insist on asking stupid questions *all* the time, which makes intelligent discussion completely impossible. Oh well… I’ll learn a TON, even if I hate it.

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