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Dumb Survey

– Available: Nope
– Age: 17
– Annoyance: Pessimism
– Animal: Penguin

– Beer: Kind of tastes gross
– Birthday: April 24
– Best Friend(s): Terence, Caitlin, and Meredith
– Blind or Deaf: Neither? I guess I’d go with deaf even though I’d really miss music
– Best weather: A cool crisp day in autumn where you need a light sweater and jeans but not a full jacket
– Been in Love: mhm
– Been on stage: Loves it
– Believe in Magic: Not magicians but the magic in the world? (*corny*)
– Believe in Santa: Yes.

– Candy: Berry Skittles, chocolates, and pixi sticks
– Color: the rainbow
– Chocolate/Vanilla: It depends. Cake or Ice cream or cookies? Vanilla I guess
– Chinese/Mexican: People or food? I guess I like burritos
– Cake or pie: Depends on what type and how I’m feeling. Right now I’d love me some lemon meringue pie
– Continent to visit: Europe
– Cheese: Is wonderful

– Day or Night: Night
– Dance in the rain: Is fun and silly

– Eyes: Green most of the time, but they change a lot.
– Everyone’s got: Lots of problems
– Ever failed a class?: Nope
– First thoughts waking up: lately its been  “mmmm my blankets are so warm I’m never coming out”
– Food: Is great

– Greatest Fear: Not living a fulfilled life
– Goals: Getting a Nobel prize ^_^
– Gum: Is gross but I end up chewing it anyway
– Get along with your parents?: Well enough, my dad more so than my mom
– Good luck charm: Lucky socks?
– Hair Color: Brown, but I want to dye it
– Height: 5′ 2″
– Happy: Well enough
– Holiday: Christmas
– How do you want to die: For a reason

– Ice Cream: Death by chocolate and black rasberry chip. Oh and cookie dough
– Instrument: Mellophone!

– Jewelry: I think I want more
– Job: I really should get one

– Kids: Have boogers
– Kickboxing or karate: Karate
– Keep a journal?: Try to start
– Love: Should make you feel good
– Letter: They’re fun to get, tough to write
– Laughed so hard you cried: Is when I’m happiest

– Milk flavor: Do I have to?
– Movies: Star Wars, Pirates, LOTR, V for Vendetta
– Motion sickness?: Never used to
– McD’s or BK: I refuse

– Number: 24, 13, 8

– One wish: That I can know whats right

– Perfect Pizza: Caprice!
– Pepsi/Coke: Both are gross

– Quail: and Queen are the only words that I can ever think of that begin with Q.

– Reason to cry: Helplessness
– Reality T.V.: Is a waste of time
– Radio Station: 97.3 The Sound that will never be as good as 94.9
– Roll your tongue in a circle?: Yeah I can?
– Ring size: No idea, but probably very small.
– Song: Right now I’m listening to Pirates of the Caribbean 3 soundtrack
– Shoe size: 6.5
– Salad Dressing: Oil and Vinegar
– Sushi: Veggie sushi is delicious
– Slept outside: Once at relay
– Smoked?: No
– Skinny dipped?: Nope
– Shower daily?: For the most part
– Sing well?: People tell me so
– In the shower?: When I’m home alone
– Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries

– Tattoos?: I’d consider a small one
– Time for bed: 10:30 on school nights, whenever I feel like it on others
– Thunderstorms: I love them
– Unpredictable: Is the best type of situation

– Vacation spot: Europe would be nice, but I’ll go almost anywhere.

– Weakness: I am incredibly not strong
– Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Meredith
– Who makes you laugh the most?: Tie between all my good friends
– Wanted to be a model: I’m way too short
– Where do we go when we die?: We stay in the hearts of those we love
– Worst Weather?: Humidity

– X-Rays: I’ve only had one.

-Year it is now: Almost 2009
-Yellow: Is not my favorite color

– Zoo animal: I don’t really like zoos


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Poems 1-2


And when the salt hits the earth

You will know

That the only thing you’ve lost

Is that sense of your own self

But until that very moment

You’ll think it’s there all along


Fly butterfly fly

Don’t let anyone tear off your wings

We know you ain’t comin’ back

Let the whole sky be your home

Your journey

Your map to forever

Fly Butterfly Fly

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Let’s Try Again

This, is the story of you
What makes you special, where you come from
This is one of the most exciting stories ever told
Because its about you
And you are one of the most important things in the world . . . you

1. If you could give just one word for 08 what would it be?

2. What are your favorite memories of 08?

Silly stuff at band
3. From 1-10 how would you rate this year?

4. If you could change one thing about 08 what would it be?
I don’t think I would change anything

5. If you could rewind back to one moment what would it be?

1. Did you make any new friends?

2. Do you think any of your friends have changed?

3. Do you still have the same friends you had in the beginning of the year?
For the most part

4. Who would you say was your best friend overall this year?
The same one I’ve always had

5. Who are your closest friends?
Jaimee, Joe, Andrew


1. Do you have any regrets for this year?
Heck yes plenty of them it corresponds with other answers but im not exposing it for the world to see

2. Has a lot changed in your life?

3. Do you think you have changed?

4. Do you have a New Years resolution? What is it?
Nope, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions.


1. Have you had any heartbreaks this year?
Just heart tears
2. Did you break any?
I don’t believe so

3. Did you meet someone special?
Not really

4. Have you fallen in love?
In 08 have you:

[x] Kissed anyone
[x Hugged anyone
[x] Been out of state
[X] Gone on vacation
[ ] Failed a class
[ ] Been camping
[ x] Ridden a roller coaster
[ ] Gone snow boarding
[x] Played laser tag
[x] Been out of the country
[x] Fell asleep crying
[x] Wished you didn’t do something
[x] Laughed so hard it hurt
[ ] Had surgery
[x] Been to a bonfire
[x] Made smores
[ ] Went tanning
[x] Made a mistake
[ x] Prank called anyone
[x] Dyed your hair
[x] Chopped off a lot of your hair
[ ] Broken any bones
[ ] Been in a physical fight
[ x] Played hide and seek
[] Been to a funeral
[x] Said something to someone you wish you could take back
[ ] Been to the circus
[ ] Shot a gun
[ ]Passed out
[x ] Played a sport
[] Been to the hospital
[ ] Been pantsed
[x] Lost your voice
[x ] Gone to the zoo
[x] Been shopping
[x] Cooked your own food
[ ] played paintball
[ ] Gone mudding
[ ] Ridden a motorcycle
[x] Painted a room
[x ] Lost weight
[ ] Gone four wheeling
[] Lost someone important to you
[x] Slept for over 12 hours

Anything you want to say to anyone?

I have no idea why I’m doing this

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